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If you are planning to launch your own private label supplements but do not have the equipment nor facility to produce the said goods, you need to go and choose from a long list of supplement manufacturers in Australia. The production of supplements can be fulfilled for you by a contract manufacturer that can produce your own supplements formulation in quantities on demand.

When looking for a nutritional supplement manufacturer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to know where to look for healthy supplement manufacturers in Australia

Of course, the Internet is the best source of information when it comes to products and services. You may also look into attending trade fairs and exhibitions for product manufacturers in your city or region. If you have family or friends who have obtained contract manufacturing services in the past, they can provide you with referrals quite easily, too!

  • When looking for a private label supplement manufacturer, here are things you need to ask:

Once you have a list of potential supplement manufacturers in Australia, it is imperative that you schedule an interview or meeting with them. Make sure to ask pertinent questions regarding the following factors:

  • What are their lowest minimum and maximum order quantities?
  • Is there an ongoing customer and support after orders have been fulfilled?
  • Ask for certifications and proof that their facility meets industry standards.
  • Check their history of clients and/or ask for referrals for further review.
  • Do they offer private labeling? Do they offer drop shipping services? What are the other perks or services they offer to clients?
  • Read reviews and ask for a tour around their facility

Before you make a final decision, it’s best to double check the references you were provided with. It’s also wise to request a tour of the facility to ensure that quality standards are being met and that the facility is certified to manufacture goods. They should be able to give you a brief rundown of how they accomplish things at every step of the manufacturing process.


If you wish to learn more about supplements manufacturing or for other enquiries that you may have, call us on 03 9358 6388 today.

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