Omniblend Aseptic

Omniblend is the first contract manufacturer of ultra high temperature (UHT) bottled products in Australia. We are able to produce aseptic UHT drinks in a range of sizes and bottle shapes, allowing you to customise your products with innovative bottle designs and sleeving.    

Utilising our cold-fill technology, we produce a range of single serve ready to drink products at our aseptic plant, ranging in size from 225ml up to 450ml.  Our products do not require refrigeration and generally have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production making them ideal for petrol & convenience, pharmacy/grocery channels and export markets. 

We produce a wide range of long life drinks at our aseptic site including sports nutrition drinks, weight loss drinks, non-dairy beverages and other long-life drinks, all utilising our cold fill aseptic technology.

225ml - 250ml
250ml - 290ml
325ml - 350ml
350ml - 390ml
425ml - 450ml

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