Bar Manufacturing

Omniblend’s state-of-the-art bar manufacturing facility produces a range of snacking products for the health and wellness industries.  With industry-leading experience, our team can produce a wide range of sports and fitness bars, functional protein bars, cereal bars and health snacks including bites and protein balls.

We specialise in many different bar formats including multi-layered protein bars, uncoated bars, fruit, nut and seed bars, cold-pressed bars, individually wrapped bites/balls and multi-pack formats that can be produced in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Omniblend’s in-house product development team can produce these products to achieve a range of nutritional targets and health claims including dairy and plant-based products, high protein, gluten-free, low sugar and no added sugar varieties amongst many others.

Our full turnkey solution streamlines the whole product development process for our customers to ensure any new product launch is as seamless as possible – from concept and product development through to regulatory review and on to production and commercialisation, we manage the whole process on your behalf in the strictest confidence.


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