Private Labelling

Food manufacturing can drain your profits if your expenditure is too high...

Often food and nutraceutical companies spread themselves too thin – trying to do it all. Many businesses don’t have the people power, specialised equipment and funds required to efficiently develop, manufacture and package quality products that meet demand fluctuations, dietary requirements and hygiene standards. This is particularly true for small companies and start-ups that need to meet quick deadlines in order to stay afloat, but also applies to wellness businesses of all sizes.

Omniblend is a top-rated food contract manufacturer

Our team has more than 40 years’ experience producing food and supplements for Australian and international companies. We can handle as little or as much of your food development and manufacturing needs as they evolve over time. This may involve:

This may involve:

The best part? You can sell the product under your brand name (this is called private labelling).

Some companies also choose to add our logo to their own, to reassure customers they’re consuming a product that’s been manufactured by a top-rated facility with the highest safety and flavour standards. However, you may decide to omit our details, it’s completely up to you! 

Omniblend can reduce the pressure on your business and help you to save money…

Benefits of private label food manufacturing:

Lower manufacturing costs, faster turnaround

Food manufacturing has been our only focus for decades, so we’ve streamlined our processes for optimal efficiency over time. We pass on significant savings to our clients, who divert that money to marketing, sales and other departments. There’s no need to hire specialised equipment or workers. Your product will be ready to sell a lot faster too, even as your business expands.

Exclusivity for your brand

You can feel confident that you’re selling a unique product to your target audience, when you put your brand on a product that we’ve developed or manufactured. This gives you an edge over your competitors.

Higher quality products

Omniblend is a top-rated facility for good reason - we follow the strictest regulations. Our food technologists are skilled at developing flavoursome and nourishing products too.

Increase revenue by targeting a wider audience

Omniblend has independent accreditation for a number of dietary requirements, so you can confidently expand your audience and even sell internationally (we have global certification).

Why trust Omniblend with private label manufacturing?

Interested in using our private labelling services?

Omniblend would love to see if we can help your company to develop or manufacture a product that you’re proud to put your logo on.

Our team produces a range of dry health and nutraceutical products, including high protein powders, sport nutrition products, aseptic drinks, electrolyte drinks and nutritional blends.

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