Food Product Development

Food development is a complex process...

Many nutraceutical companies don’t have the resources to efficiently develop new food products, or improve their existing formulas. Outsource these services to a specialist company like Omniblend for faster turnover, quality assurance and more satisfied customers who love your products!

Don’t waste thousands of dollars setting up equipment and hiring workers...

Our experienced team of food technologists can handle as little or as much of the food production process as required.

We’re a one-stop shop for all your health food and supplement production needs.

Omniblend is the only contract manufacturer in Australia offering:

All products that we develop meet nutritional and macronutrient specifications, while also complying with local laws and the Australian Food Safety Code.

We can

Omniblend has been operating for over 40 years. We know how to develop quality products cost-effectively, with quick turnaround times too.

What is food product development?

Food product development explains the complex steps a business undertakes to create a new food product, or improve an established formula before putting it on the market for consumers to buy.
This process requires a lot of planning, creativity, experimentation and testing by the product development team. There’s also in-depth knowledge of:
The development team includes food scientists, researchers, testers, regulatory experts, manufacturers and often marketing specialists.

Benefits of outsourcing food development to the experts

What products does Omniblend develop?

We produce a range of dry health and nutraceutical products, including high protein powders, sports nutrition products, aseptic drinks, electrolyte drinks and nutritional blends.
We can manufacture your products based on existing formulas, or even draw upon the expertise of our food technologists to help you formulate innovative new products and flavours.

How long does food product development take?

It usually takes between one month to several months to develop a new food product. This time frame depends on a number of factors, including whether you’re refining an existing product or creating a new one.

Why choose Omniblend as your product developer?

Are you looking to engage a food product developer?

Omniblend would love to see if we can help your company improve existing formulas or develop new products that consumers can’t get enough of.
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