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If you own a cattle farm and looking for a way to generate more earnings, why not start selling dairy products too? If you have a well-managed business, you realise that producing more products from your enterprise means the investment on equipment, manpower, and expertise.

If you are a small-scale entrepreneur, building your own dairy manufacturing facility can be very impractical and expensive. Don’t worry! Even small-time dairy farmers can now market their own dairy products with the help of dairy manufacturing companies.

What are dairy manufacturing companies?

Simply put, a dairy manufacturing company is a facility with the equipment, tools, expertise, skills, and manpower to produce high volumes of dairy products. Besides creating their own line of dairy products, they also offer their services to businesses that need their expertise to produce their own private label of dairy goods.

What are the criteria when choosing from Australian dairy companies?

If you are handing the production of your dairy products to a contract manufacturer, here are things that you should check when choosing between companies:

  • Sanitation

As dairy or milk is a highly-perishable produce, it is only right to know if the facility employs and follows strict sanitary regulations at work. It is easy to contaminate a large batch of dairy products in a facility that has low or non-existent sanitation rules.

  • Optimum Yield

A reliable and experience dairy manufacturing company will have the expertise and the right equipment to maximize yield whilst ensuring efficiency in production at all times. You need to sign a contract with a company that can deliver your products as quickly as possible.

  • Further increases quality of product and shelf-life

During consultation with personnel from the dairy manufacturing company, they should be able to guide you through the manufacturing process. But apart from that, they should also provide you with extra knowledge or consultation on how you can further improve your product. There is no need to change the formulation or the overall quality of the dairy. A dairy manufacturer will have the ability to provide you with recommendations that will increase the efficiency and shelf-life of your private label dairy products.


If you wish to discover more benefits to obtaining contract manufacturing services in the creation of your own private label dairy line, give us a call on 03 9358 6388 today.

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