Contract Food Manufacturing

Leave your manufacturing to us, and focus on selling products that customers rave about.

Many food and nutraceutical companies run into high expenses and challenges with quality when handling their own manufacturing, because they don’t have the resources to meet demand fluctuations and dietary requirements.

Omniblend is a top rated food contract manufacturer. – What we do :
Omniblend can handle as little or as much of your production and packaging needs as they evolve over time.
We dedicate all of our resources to food contract manufacturing, because it’s our specialty.
We have developed streamlined, efficient processes with over 40 years’ experience amongst our team. Clients rely on Omniblend to produce consistent, quality products, outsourcing their supply chain to us to manage and simplify their businesses.

Production and packaging services

We can manufacture your products based on existing formulas, or even draw upon the expertise of our food technologists to help you formulate innovative new products and flavours.

Why choose Omniblend as your contract food manufacturer?

The benefits of using a food contract manufacturer like Omniblend

Lower Your Expenses

There’s no need to purchase expensive machinery and equipment or maintain them – we do all of that – streamlining your supply chain and supporting your business as you continue to grow.

Faster Production Time

We’ve optimised our processes to run more efficiently based on our extensive manufacturing experience so there’s a quicker turnaround time even as your business continues to expand (and lower storage costs for you too).

Other Departments Benefit from more Resources

Your team is free to focus on other crucial tasks such as sales and marketing, while we liaise with suppliers and manufacture your products.

Better Product Quality

Our entire reputation depends on making sure our clients sell products that customers love, so we have the strictest regulations for high quality. This is how we got to be an A-rated facility!

Increase Revenue By Targeting a Wider Audience

Confidently sell to people with certain dietary requirements and preferences (halal, kosher, organic) due to our independent accreditation in these areas. You might also consider exporting your products overseas, as we have the required certification for exporting to global markets.

Build trust with consumers

Many customers who value quality like to research how their products are made. We can assist you by providing details on our A-rated certification and accreditations showcasing to clients the benefits of utilising a credible food contract manufacturer.

Are you looking to engage a contract food manufacturer?

Omniblend would love to see if we can help your company produce consistent, high quality products and simplify your business.
If you would like more information, or to arrange a meeting, please contact us on (03) 9358 6388

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