Contract blending and packing

Are you blending your own products? Don’t waste your resources on trial and error...

When it comes to developing quality health food and supplements, it’s crucial to blend a diverse range of ingredients into a consistent and homogenous blend. Unfortunately, many nutraceutical companies don’t have the specialist resources to do this in a cost-effective way. They waste thousands of dollars on trial and error, as they experiment to develop a product that fails to impress customers.


Outsource manufacturing to contract blending experts (and save money for marketing your product):

Omniblend has specialised in food manufacturing for more than 40 years. During that time, we’ve made our contract powder blending processes as efficient as possible.

Why choose our contract blending services?

Feel confident that you’re selling quality products that customers will love:

Save thousands of dollars on food manufacturing and enjoy a faster turnaround time, by outsourcing your powder blending and packaging needs to experts who’ve mastered the safest and most cost-effective techniques. You won’t need to hire specialist equipment or workers either.

Are you interested in outsourcing your powder blending and packaging needs?

Omniblend would love to see if we can help your company to blend a product that exceeds your expectations. We can also handle any stage of the food development and manufacturing process, just let us know what you need.

Our team produces a range of dry health and nutraceutical products, including high protein powders, sport nutrition products, aseptic drinks, electrolyte drinks and nutritional blends.

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