A Brief Guide on the Basic Sports Nutrition Manufacturing Processes for Budding Entrepreneurs article image by Omniblend
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As Australia and the rest of the world are slowly driving towards a more healthy and fit lifestyle, the demand for sports nutrition products and supplements is fast increasing. The sports nutrition industry realises that its consumer base need superior products to support their health and fitness goals.

If you are a budding entrepreneur who wishes to venture into the sports nutrition industry, how do you go about it?  Sports nutrition manufacturing is typically accomplished in two ways:

Private label sports nutrition manufacturing

Private label sports nutrition manufacturing is more common than you can imagine. Simply put, private label manufacturing is selling sports nutrition goods made by a reliable company and then distributed, marketed, and branded under another company’s label or name.

This type of business concept is ideal for budding companies that do not have the facility, equipment, or machinery to produce their own supplements, but have strong marketing skills to sell products to their chosen customer base

Contract manufacturing for nutritional supplements

Another common business approach is contract food manufacturing for nutrition supplements. According to research, Australia has the biggest sports nutrition market in the world in terms of per capita spend.  The awareness by Australians of the importance of optimum health has inspired many companies to venture into producing, marketing, and distributing of world-class sports and wellness supplements.

In essence, contract manufacturing is a business process where one company farms its production to a third-party that has the experience, knowledge, technical capabilities, and facilities in producing specific types of products. The contract manufacturer provides a full turnkey service to their clients to ensure that the products manufactured are great tasting and of the highest quality and consistency.

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